Application Deadline:
Monday 25th July 9am

Awards Reception:
Tuesday 1st November

Why apply? Get a promotional bursary

This has and still is a difficult time but we know many social enterprises have come to the fore in the current crisis. We want to help you share this story across Scotland and in your own area.

We will work with you to prepare and share digital content. We have a budget for video editing and you can also apply to access a bursary to help you create content locally.

Digital content will then be used during on our online showcase on 3rd November – the date that had been set aside for what is usually our annual awards. We will invite a high profile speaker to offer their thanks, share digital media widely and enable you to use promotional material to increase your profile locally.

Sharing achievements is critical for team building and maintaining momentum through difficult times – this will provide an opportunity to highlight the work of staff and volunteers in a national thank you and highlight your work to the public, private, third sector and the general public.

  • This programme has been designed to help you promote the work of your organisation as you move forwards and through an application to the bursary fund may provide up to £500
  • The £500 will be available to help generate professional images/video as you talk of the positive  impact your SE has made during Covid – given Covid restrictions this would need to be commissioned in line with current guidance
  • We anticipate 10-30 bursaries will be available and are just awaiting final details re sponsorship for this
  • If you apply but are unsuccessful in the £500 bursary we will still work with you to create digital content that you can use to promote your organisation – e.g. edited zoom interviews and imagery
  • While there is a limit of bursaries and digital showcase ‘appearances’ may be limited we will work to recognise all social enterprises that apply as part of this initiative through combined presentations and follow up work on social media.


Application Deadline: